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      With a large sum of money, continued Lord Selvaine, we could recover ourselves. The mortgages could be paid off. Belfayre could expand itself; in short, the family could hold up its head again, and you, my dear Traff, instead of being the heir to one of the oldest titles and an ocean of debts and incumbrances, would be a real duke with a real dukedom.

      Esmeralda left him presently, nodding his head and talking softly to himself, and went to her own room. The prospect of that nights dinner irritated and annoyed her. The great crowd would come to stare at her and whisper about her wealth and her luck in marrying a marquis, and she would have to go about among them and talk and smilesmile though her heart was breaking. She moved about the room restlessly for a time, then went into the garden, carefully avoiding crossing the terrace where Trafford and Ada were talking, and suddenly came upon Norman lying full length in the shade of a bay-tree. A tennis racket was by his side, and a straw hat tilted over his eyes. He heard her step, and sprung to his feet with a sigh of relief.

      In the saddle all day, and not tired? She looks as fresh as when you started! he said to Trafford as Esmeralda ran, singing, up the steps. She is a marvel, my dear Trafforda marvel!

      The duke begged me to say how sorry he was that he could not be down to receive you, he said; but he is feeling[128] a little tired this afternoon. He hopes to see you at dinner."If you don't leave me alone in my misery I will kill myself!" she cried.

      I dont know anything, she said, and I couldnt tell you if I did. Thems my orders, and Ive got to obey them.

      I dont know anything, she said, and I couldnt tell you if I did. Thems my orders, and Ive got to obey them.


      I will go presentlyin a day or two, he said. I would go at oncefor that is what you most ardently desirebut scandal You have spoken of it, not I.Good-evening.


      You think more of her than of me. Youyou think that she is a marvel of innocence and purity, that she has never loved any one but you.


      After a drink, he said.